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Innovation 'Plug and Play' Make After Sale Service Easy

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Update time : 2023-09-06 15:37:33
                 The KF86P protection relay tester and KFA300 handheld mini relay tester, recommended by Kingsine Electric ,utilize innovative technologies. They make full use of space and finely distribute the structure of each module. For after-sales maintenance, only module replacement is required, and there is no need for accuracy calibration after module replacement. Once assembly is complete, it can be used directly, truly achieving "Plug and Play".

Innovative “Plug and Play ”After-sales service advantages
● Simple structure, beginners can achieve independent installation.
● Reduced after-sales costs.
● Shortened after-sales time.
● Goal: Complete after-sales within 20 working days.
              Public disclosure, the internal structure is visualized as shown in the following diagram

KF86P Internal structure


KF86P Assembly of internal structure


KFA300 Internal structure

Installation steps:
Assembly can be completed in just three steps.

① Assemble the voltage module.   

②Assemble the current module.

③Assemble the digital control and display module.    


         Due to the utilization of innovative technologies, we have successfully resolved the challenge of precision calibration during on-site customer after-sales maintenance. After-sales service is just that simple.